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About Fastax

All in one Accounting & Inventory management software

Fastax is an accounting software developed by Infokey. Which helps inΒ  navigating the complexities of financial management in your business. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of powerful features, Fastax empowers you to effortlessly handle invoicing, sales, purchases, stock, GST reports, and more.

Explore Fastax today and witness the transformation in how you manage your accounts and inventory.

Powerful Features of Fastax

Discover the core features that make our accounting software the ultimate solution for seamless accounting and inventory management. Elevate your business operations with ease.

Easy Invoicing

One-click invoicing for effortless transactions. Send professional invoices in seconds.

Sales Management

Efficient sales tracking and management. Stay on top of your revenue streams effortlessly.

Purchase Management

Simplify procurement with intelligent purchase management features.

Stock Management

Real-time stock monitoring for accurate inventory control.

GST Reports

Seamless GST reporting for compliance and financial clarity.

Financial Accounting

Comprehensive financial accounting for a crystal-clear view of your business's financial health.

Discover Fastax in Action

Witness how this amazing accounting software simplifies your tasks, making accounting and inventory management a breeze.

Why Fastax Stands Out

Discover why Fastax is the preferred choice for businesses seeking simplicity, efficiency, and innovation in their accounting and inventory management journey.

Intuitive Operation

Our acconting software is designed for every user who knows the basics of computers, no software training required.

Business Analytics

Fastax provides comprehensive analytics, empowering smarter business decisions based on data.

Data Privacy Assurance

Your data stays private and secure, as our software is backed by state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

E-Way Bill Integration

Streamline logistics with seamless e-way bill creation, ensuring compliance and saving you time.

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