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Introduction to Infokey's Logistics ERP Solution

Infokey’s Logistics ERP solution is a comprehensive transport management software designed to transform the way transportation companies manage their operations. Our Logistics ERP is a powerful tool that integrates various functionalities, including fleet management, logistics, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, and financial management, into a single platform.

With Infokey’s Logistics ERP, transportation companies can boost up their processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. Our solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of the transportation industry, providing advanced features and capabilities to help businesses stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Experience the difference with our logistics ERP and take your transportation operations to the next level.

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Top Features of our Logistics ERP

Explore the powerful capabilities of Infokey’s logistics ERP through these essential features designed to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and elevate performance in the transportation industry.


Optimize all aspects of transportation operations in your business, from order management to delivery scheduling, ensuring smooth and efficient processes.

fleet management

Track and manage your fleet of vehicles effectively, including vehicle information, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, and more, to maximize fleet performance and utilization.

customer relationship management

Enhance customer relationships with a powerful CRM system, enabling efficient communication, order tracking, and resolution of customer inquiries and issues.

contract & billing

Simplify contract management and billing processes, including invoicing, payment tracking, and contract renewals, to ensure accurate and timely billing for services rendered.

Accounting & gst

Manage financial transactions, including invoicing, expense tracking, tax calculations, and GST compliance, providing comprehensive financial management capabilities.

notification & Alerts

Stay informed with real-time notifications and alerts for important events, such as vehicle maintenance reminders, delivery delays, or critical updates, ensuring timely actions and responses.

Route management

Optimize route planning and scheduling to minimize travel time, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall efficiency in delivering goods and services.

documents management

Organize, store, and access all your transportation-related documents from invoices and bills of lading to contracts and permits all in one place. 

spare parts

Maintain accurate inventory records of spare parts and accessories, track stock levels, and manage replenishment to ensure availability and minimize downtime for vehicle maintenance.


Schedule and manage vehicle maintenance tasks and repairs, track service history, and coordinate workshop activities to keep vehicles in optimal working condition.


Monitor the condition and performance of tyres and batteries, schedule replacements and maintenance, and track usage to extend the lifespan and reliability of vehicle components.

vehicle & driver

Manage driver assignments, monitor driver performance, track driver hours and compliance with regulations, and ensure safety and accountability in vehicle operations.

Human resource management

Streamline your human resources processes and manage payroll efficiently. From employee onboarding to payroll processing and compliance management, handle all HR tasks seamlessly in one integrated system.


Efficiently manage your vehicles with Infokey’s Logistics ERP. Track vehicle information, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, and mileage for optimal performance.


Streamline workshop operations with Infokey’s Logistics ERP. Manage service schedules, track maintenance history, and minimize downtime for optimal vehicle performance.

Benefits of using Infokey's Logistics ERP

Discover the transformative advantages of integrating Infokey’s Logistics ERP into your business operations, ensuring efficiency, control, and growth.

Minimum Entry, Maximum Output

Spend less time on data entry tasks with Infokey's Transport ERP, thanks to its user friendly interface. Experience maximum output with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and business growth.

Reduce Waste

Effectively utilize resources such as vehicles, drivers, and warehouses, ensuring optimal utilization and minimizing waste, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs.

Improved Visibility

Gain greater visibility and control over your logistics operations with real-time insights into inventory levels, shipment status, and performance metrics, empowering better decision-making and responsiveness.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers with faster delivery times, accurate order fulfillment, and better communication, fostering loyalty and positive brand reputation, ultimately driving business growth.

Enhanced Functionality through Third-Party Integrations

Explore how Infokey’s Logistics ERP seamlessly integrates with leading third-party applications to enhance functionality and provide a comprehensive solution for your transportation management needs.

Happay Card Integration

Seamlessly manage expense tracking and employee spending with the integration of Happay card by HDFC into Infokey's Logistics ERP.

Fastag Integration

Ensure smooth toll payments and streamline vehicle passage with the Fastag API integration in Infokey's Logistics ERP.

Major Bank Integration

Simplify financial transactions and banking operations by integrating leading bank APIs into Infokey's Logistics ERP.

Fuel Card Integration

Optimize fuel management and track expenses efficiently with the Fuel Card API integration in Infokey's Logistics ERP.

What do our Clients say?

Hear directly from our clients about their experience with Infokey’s Logistics ERP.

Infokey Transport ERP has revolutionized our business operations. Its intuitive features enabled us to customize it to our needs, simplifying fleet management, route optimization, and delivery tracking.
Milan Transport Pvt. Ltd.
I've utilized Infokey Transport ERP for a year now, witnessing a complete transformation in our transportation management. Its robust features streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and boosted productivity significantly.
Shree Balaji Transolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Using Infokey Transport ERP for months, we've experienced its user-friendly interface, facilitating easy navigation. Real-time insights aid better decision-making, while exceptional customer support adds immense value to our experience.
Hiline Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explore common queries about Infokey Logistics ERP and find answers to help you make informed decisions about implementing our solution for your business.

Infokey Transport ERP is a comprehensive software solution designed to simplify and optimize transportation operations, including fleet management, logistics, route optimization, and more.

Infokey’s Logistics ERP benefits your business by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, enhancing visibility, optimizing resource utilization, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving growth. With features tailored to the needs of the logistics industry, such as fleet management, route optimization, and inventory tracking, Infokey’s ERP solution empowers your business to achieve greater success and profitability.

Yes, Infokey Transport ERP is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our team can work with you to tailor the software to your specific workflows and preferences.

Yes, our ERP solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with other software systems commonly used in the transportation industry, such as accounting software, GPS tracking systems, and more.

The implementation timeline for Infokey Transport ERP can vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization and your specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation process.

Yes, we offer comprehensive training programs to ensure that your team is fully equipped to utilize Infokey Transport ERP effectively. Training can be provided remotely, depending on your preferences and needs.

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