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About WaBM

WhatsApp Business Manager

At InfoKey, we’re proud to introduce WaBM, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of WhatsApp for Business. In the dynamic landscape of digital communication, WaBM stands out as the best marketing software, empowering businesses of all sizes to elevate their marketing, sales, and customer support strategies.

WaBM isn’t just a software, It is a solution crafted with precision to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. It is a platform that seamlessly blends WhatsApp’s Official Message Broadcast, Live Chat, Message Scheduling, CRM and more, all in one easy & intuitive interface. 

Highlighting Features of WaBM

Explore the key features that make WaBM your go-to solution for effective WhatsApp business management.

Whatsapp official broadcast

WhatsApp’s Official Broadcast

Broadcast messages to reach your audience with precision and impact.

WhatsApp Live Chat with WaBM

Live Chat

Instantly connect with your customers, building relationships in real-time.

message scheduling on whatsapp with wabm

Message Scheduling

Effortlessly plan and schedule your messages for optimal timing and engagement.

multi loging

Multi-Login & Collaboration

Enhance teamwork and streamline operations with multi-login capabilities and seamless collaboration.

erp integration with wabm

Easy ERP Integration

Effortlessly integrate WaBM with your existing ERP system for streamlined business operations.

Messge analytics by wabm

Real-Time Message Analytics

Gain instant insights into your business with real-time analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

WaBM’s Real-World Use Cases

Discover how WaBM transforms WhatsApp for Business into a versatile tool for marketing, customer relationship management, and seamless selling.


WhatsApp Marketing

Elevate your marketing strategy with targeted official message broadcasts and engaging interactions.


Customer Relationship Management

Build lasting customer relationships through instant live chat and personalised communication.



Sell Effortlessly on WhatsApp

Explore the simplicity of selling on WhatsApp, by showcasing your catalogs where they are most active.

Industries Benefiting from WaBM

WaBM is transforming communication and business management across various industries, bringing efficiency and innovation to the forefront.

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